Enable backspace in VIOS command line

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$ oem_setup_env
# echo "export ENV=/home/padmin/.kshrc" >> /home/padmin/.profile     

# echo "export HOST=\"\$(/usr/bin/uname -n)\"\nif [ \"\`whoami\`\" = \"root\" ]; then\n  PS1=\"\`whoami\`@\$HOST:\\\$PWD # \"\nelse\n  PS1=\"\`whoami\`@\$HOST:\\\$PWD $ \"\nfi\n\nset -o emacs;alias -x __A=\"\$(echo '\\\\020')\"; alias -x __B=\"\$(echo '\\\\016')\"; alias -x __C=\"\$(echo '\\\\006')\"; alias -x __D=\"\$(echo '\\\\002')\"; alias -x __H=\"\$(echo '\\\\001')\"; alias -x __Y=\"\$(echo '\\\\005')\"\n" >> /home/padmin/.kshrc

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